A Day in the Life

Helping families chart the course

Compassionate, Highly Trained Guides

The value of the guidance that students receive from our direct care staff is immeasurable. We know that the quality of our guide community is central to our work. Bachelors level, highly trained individuals whom we refer to as guides support the daily life of our students with expertise, compassion, and understanding. Guides are CPR and Wilderness First Aid or First Responder Certified and undergo a rigorous hiring and ongoing training process to ensure the safety and personal development of our students. Guides collaborate with therapists to provide in-the-moment feedback, intervention, and skill development for students as they identify limiting beliefs and behaviors and practice new coping skills.

Therapeutic Integration



True North students participate in some traditional hiking, backpacking, and camping throughout the warmer months at True North.  They also have regular expeditions and activities that include yoga classes, cooking and wellness classes, canoe trips, paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, and disc golf.


Students learn and master a variety of outdoor living skills including building fires using both flint and steel and bow-drilling methods, knot tying, orienteering, shelter building and more.


Students learn executive function skills and build confidence and independence as they work together to complete daily tasks like making meals, gathering water and materials for fires, and managing their campsites.

Academic & Experiential Curriculum

True North students complete a strengths-based progressive phase system with individualized interventions designed to help students to achieve goals. Leadership opportunities are connected to phase progression. Privileges are not.

All students complete a written curriculum with an emphasis on personal development, life skills, outdoor living, team building and leadership skills, earth science, local history, and orienteering. The curriculum correlates with the phases of the program and supports the development of insight and confidence as well as honing organization and time management skills.  In order to allow students to earn high school credit for this work, True North has partnered with Northridge Learning Center/Dorius Academy,  an accredited school. Upon completion of the True North curriculum, students (including young adults who have not completed high school) may receive a transcript issuing up to 3.5 credits in various subject areas.

Our diverse, nutritionist-approved diet includes local and organic foods. Most meals are backpacking-friendly, and students have the opportunity to eat fresh fruit, vegetables and meat (if they choose) on a regular basis. Students choose from seasonal, curated menus and a wide variety of snack options. We can easily accommodate special dietary needs such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and many food allergies.
Our top-of-the-line gear and clothing has been tested for quality and endurance in varying seasons and weather conditions. All personal gear is brand new to each student and belongs to them upon discharge from the program. Students receive a variety of items that vary in color and fit to ensure their comfort and safety.

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