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True North Outcome Results

The results of True North’s outcome research indicate significant progress
as reported by students and their parents.

Results are updated regularly and can be seen here:

Adolescent Results Young Adult Results

Contribution to Larger Studies

As part of True North’s commitment to advancing the field of Wilderness Therapy, we are proud to contribute to broad national studies on the efficacy of Wilderness Therapy.  Families who choose to complete the research surveys at True North also give permission for their results to be added to a large body of national data.  These results are stripped of any identifying information to protect the privacy of our families.

The large-scale research is being conducted through the University of New Hampshire in cooperation with the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP) and the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBHC).  The data has and will continue to generate peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate the value of the work being done in these programs.

The NATSAP Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs contains a variety of articles outlining some of the valuable data that has been gathered in relation to these outcome studies.  Click below to read some of these articles specifically related to the effectiveness, safety, and application of wilderness therapy:

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As studies continue to emerge, wilderness therapy may become more accessible to a wider group of young people and their families through greater awareness in the mental health community and increased insurance reimbursement opportunities.

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True North is a NATSAP Designated Research Program.
We are committed to ongoing contributions to the national studies of wilderness therapy.
For more information about the studies please click here:

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