Food & Gear

Helping families chart the course

Dietary Accommodations

Our main menu is generally vegetarian, with opportunities to add meat several times a week. We are happy to accommodate vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free diets for students and we can work with students who have a variety of food allergies including various nuts.   We carefully consider each student who has dietary restrictions or food allergies to ensure that we can provide a consistent and healthy diet.

Quality Clothing and Gear

Students are outfitted with the highest quality clothing and gear to keep them comfortable and safe through the varying Vermont weather. Clothing and gear are adjusted based on seasonal needs.

In the summer, students are outfitted with materials to build their individual sleeping spaces, including tents, They are provided with treated clothing and individual netting to protect them from insects. Moisture wicking materials keep them cool and dry, and state of the art backpacks help them stay organized as they trek and camp.

As the weather gets cooler, Students are outfitted with additional high-quality cold-weather gear to ensure they stay warm and dry through the colder, snowier winter months.

Students receive clean clothes and send dirty clothes out to be laundered by our staff at least weekly.

All gear and clothing brands are selected specifically for their comfort, quality and durability. By providing our students with superior gear and clothing that will allow them to live comfortably outdoors, we are enabling them to maintain their focus on personal reflection, growth and development.

Cooking Class

All True North students participate in regular cooking classes. Learning to source, prepare and enjoy healthy and delicious meals together is a fundamental life skill. Cooking and learning about food and nutrition supports our focus on personal wellness and independent living, generates a positive and productive exploration of new experiences and is a key ingredient in building connection and establishing a feeling of community with those around us.

Students explore foods and recipes in fully outfitted indoor and outdoor kitchens with a chef instructor. Each week, students work with our chef to plan and create fantastic meals together, whipping up everything from homemade salad dressing to ratatouille.

A Closer Look

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