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Helping families chart the course


For students and their parents, a clear understanding of what is going on emotionally, behaviorally, and cognitively is an essential part of the change process. This information is assessed in the following ways:

• Twice-weekly sessions with masters-level therapists.
• Regular communication with parents and previous treating professionals
• Optional psychoeducational testing conducted during the program
• 24-7 observation and feedback from staff and peers

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Ages 18 – 25

Young Adult Program

Young adults face external challenges and internal struggles that can make it difficult to navigate over or around the bumps in the road to independence. Young adults and their families choose True North because they want to learn how to cope with life’s challenges and chart the course for a successful and independent future.

As young adults work together to plan and participate in adventure, recreational, and therapeutic activities, they build confidence, develop internal motivation, and improve their relationships with themselves and others.

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Therapeutic Integration

Our field guides, Master’s and PhD. level therapists are committed to using caring, relational and non-punitive approaches that encourage every young adult to discover their internal motivation for success. Our team works to create a challenging but supportive environment that enables young adults to explore their personal strengths and skills while working to challenge limiting thoughts, behaviors and beliefs.

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Parent Program

Wilderness therapy is as much about supporting healthy families as it is about facilitating the change process in our students.  We believe that the particular needs and concerns of families are a critical part of every student’s wilderness experience.  Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive parent program to ensure that our families receive professional guidance and support throughout their child’s stay at True North.

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